Your first period is always the worst.


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    Me on my period
  • Me: I'm so tired I just want to sleep all day
  • Me: oh god my pad is flooding quick to the bathroom *rolls onto the floor*
  • Me: i'm not hungry don't give me food I will throw up.
  • Me: can I have a tuna sandwich and pickles and chips and fried ham and popcorn and pizza and bacon and mac n cheese
  • Me: i really want to cuddle
  • Me: don't touch me
  • Me: i will bleed on everything you love
  • Me: hey babe gimme some of dat ice cream
  • Me: oh my god my life is just so horrible
  • Me: can we watch the breakfast club
  • Me: ugh I'm going to sleep

  • Period: Fetal position is what you want
  • Period: Wait, no, stand up
  • Period: Nah, lay on your back
  • Period: Jk man stand on your head
  • Period: Eat everything you own
  • Period: Except anything healthy. Don't touch that
  • Period: Everyone is your enemy and no one shall win
  • Period: Cry over your homework
  • Period: I'm gonna leave now
  • Period: Lol don't get your hopes up. I wasn't actually gonna leave
  • Period: Remember that embarrassing thing you did 5 years ago? Yeah. So does everyone else.
  • Period: Cry
  • Period: You're actually gonna die
  • Period: Lol jk man see you next month



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